during sex, when man (or woman, whichever you prefere) goes down on the woman when she's on her period. he (or she, whichever you prefere) will swallow the woman's blood clots. hence, clotting.
jean: are you sure, charles? i'm on my period. it's pretty messy.
charles: i don't care. i'll do anything for you.
(charles proceeds to go down on jean, when all of a sudden, kim walks into the room)
kim: charles, can i borrow your- oh my god!
(joey enters)
joey: what is it? oh shit!
kim: charles is clotting jean!
by dawntodusk December 22, 2004
Used to describe people in your life who are holding you back.
Marcus never lets you go out and party with the girls, he's always telling you to stay in. He's a clot.
by Tod is gay September 23, 2017
An idiot. Mostly used as a generic insult.
You know the way that you are and the things that you do? Those are the ways of a clot.
by First Officer Richardson December 23, 2012
The way that you are and the things that you do - those are the ways of a clot
Oh Douglas... You clot!
by AhoyBritannia December 22, 2012
Beyond the best absolutely amazing, or looking really good.

Sumaya: did you see that boy earlier??

Ruby: yes he was so clotted!!!!!
yes sumaya! you are looking clotted today.
by Ruby.xxxxxxx December 2, 2016
The glob of gelatinous blood that the body creates to stop bleeding.
Vadim was cut by a throwing knife. As the blood spilled forth from his throbbing artery, the clotting factors were exposed to various proteins. These proteins caused the clotting cascade to begin and eventually a sticky fibrin mesh was laid down. Platelets then began adhering to this mesh and eventually the bleeding stopped.
by The Troll May 6, 2006
jamaican pronounciation of "clothe" meaning a tampon as used in swear words like "blood clot" or "bomba clot"
by mokkes May 24, 2003