to hit with a dull thudding force clonked me in the din
by permafrown November 5, 2004
a word to represent unity and friendship amongst thoses who feel excluded from modern social interactions
by Whiskerandough April 20, 2019
Steve: “Bro, come test this clonk I just got!”
Jack: “Oof man I’m still clonked from the last lines..”
Steve: “Come on.. It’s almost clonk’o’clock!”
by December 17, 2019
Another word for or synonym for the word "bong". Meaning just kidding, or "NOT!". Also can be used in place of PWN3D during online gaming.
Wow, I really just clonked the shit out of that pussy ass n00b cunt bitch dick.
by JDig April 25, 2008
Clonking is the new word for Masterbating or the gay word used by homosexuals "fapping" clonking originates from Vagipe when 2 lonely guys got bored of hearing the word Fap and decied clonk was better as used by "-Upyr-" and "CGE (coolestGuyEver221"
Man im sooo hard right now im gnna go Clonk along to that girl Cookie while -Upyr- joins me :)
by CoolestGuyEver221 November 25, 2009
When two lesbians engage in the scissor formation while bumping uglies. Sound effects are comparable to clicking your tongue.
"Dude, the other night through my wall I could hear Betsy and Ha'Neesha clam clonking"
by clonker September 9, 2009