4 definitions by permafrown

1. a well-kempt, attractive, intelligent male.

2. (un)c - one who is not any of the above.
1. My, my, aren't you looking clenicky. Do you have a hot date tonight or something?

2. Man, I didn't get any sleep last night. I'm feeling pretty unclenicky.
by permafrown February 23, 2005
1. a declaration of frustration
2. a declaration of disdain
3. a substitute for blah
1. "mrah...i just can't take this shit!"
2. "you're being dumb" "mrah...shut it"
3. "she said, 'mrah mrah mrah,' and i didn't give a damn"
by permafrown November 5, 2004
1. the male organ
2. an insult
1. "dag...you clonked me in the din"
2. "man...you're a din"
by permafrown November 5, 2004
to hit with a dull thudding force
yar...you clonked me in the din
by permafrown November 5, 2004