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A rare bread of syrian horse. Most noticeable characteristic is their noses - twice the size of a normal horse.
Child: Mommy! Why does my little pony have a nose like pinocchio?

Mom: That's a clodia honey!
by jamal_the_wall November 22, 2013
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Hipster in denial. When confronted with the reality that she is a hipster she becomes irrational and starts to speak in tongues.
Normal human being: Hey Clodia! I think you spilt water on your moccasins and rainbow pants when you were drinking out of your jar.

Clodia : What!? Me? I'm so not hipster! Hish hash Kong log ting ting ting ting pshhh

Normal human being : Wow.

Clodia : I only want to be Palestinian!!!
by math_giraffe January 16, 2014
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