two men who wear too tight of clothing because they like to make each other bone when they see each other. they say it's platonic, but it's sexual and they're cheating on their wives even though they have a child on the way. they go to gym together to get wet and sweaty since they can't anywhere else... once in a while they say they're having "teacher meetings" or "history day " where they sneak off to watch peanut butter porn. they teach and clear history... if you know what i mean ;)
"Wow, those clegan hotties lookin hottie hot hot today... that's why they have a boner!"

"Clegan is both my brotp but it's actually my OTP"
by cleganremind101 February 19, 2017
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To kill awesomely and without remorse. To brutally slash down and inflict carnage with an edged weapon.
Oh man that dude just got cleganed in the face.
by The Magic Cap November 17, 2014
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The act of throwing sand in the face of a partner you have performed an angry dragon on to give the appearance of scarred flesh covered by a beard.
That asshole Chad gave me a Sandy Clegane last night and now I have sand in my sinuses and he keeps calling me the hound.
by Sandy Clegane January 5, 2018
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Something that is very big and unstoppable. It usually means things that are very scary towards others and to not be fucked with.
Damn. That guy is huge. Don’t fuck with him he’s like officer clegane.
by mausmob123 July 15, 2020
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