The most worst day in the history of the world
(You)OMG its the worst day ever! (Friend) Must be history day.
by Hosted287 December 6, 2017
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A form of torture used by history teachers to ensure that their students have no life.
Dude I would have gone out on saturday, but National History Day is killing my social life.
by swcameroncrazy February 5, 2012
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A metaphorical whip utilized by history teachers to destroy the lives of their students. Not to mention, the website builder is like trying to tell a blind and deaf person how to do calculus.
National History Day has a special place in hell.
by ernest hemingway is big gae November 24, 2019
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National History Day is a contest that is held annually in which students research a historical topic pertaining to a yearly theme. Then they must do a project on it in the form of a paper, a skit, a documentary, or a posterboard thing. The winner at nationals receives 1,000 dollars.
DUDE NATIONAL HISTORY DAY SUCKS AND WILL ROB YOU OF YOUR LIFE! Especially when your partner's a frickin idiot.

I only have two primary sources!
by Jack and Sally December 11, 2006
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All history tests on Wednesday, December 2nd, 2020 are to be postponed to Friday.
Guy 1: Hey I’m stressed about this history test Friday .
Guy 2: Don’t worry, it’s national skip history test day.
by National Government November 30, 2020
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september 22nd, love your history teacher because he is such a hottie with a body. such a dilf he is, my favorite person ever
Suck: hey you know what day it is?
Deez: no idea
Nuts: its national love your history teacher day
by aubreyelle September 3, 2021
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