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Also known as the Pasadena mudslide, California hot plate, or simply the "steamer", this term commonly involves some variation on the act of defecating on a chest of a lover as a means of revenge.
After hearing that her boyfriend had been cheating on her, Nancy gave him the cleveland steamer while he slept and left with his car.
by TheWrathfulBuddha January 30, 2003
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I am a melomaniac.
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When after having engaged in intercourse the male or female lets his/her partner fall asleep. Then he/she takes a crap on his/her chest and run away
"I gave Carrie the old cleavland steamer so I didnt think she would be calling again"
by Grat December 16, 2003
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A sexual act that is performed by defacating upon your partners chest.
Okay hun, it'll be 30 dollars for sex, 10 dolalrs for oral, and an additional 15 if you want to do anything colorful such as a Cleavland Steamer.
by Jimmy Ray August 20, 2005
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Where a female lays on her back while her male partner proceeds to have sex with the female partners breasts. During the back and forth motion (Similar to that of a STEAM engines wheel cranks) the male proceeds to defecate, leaving a shit smear track, much like a train track, leading all similarities to coin the term "Cleavland Steamer" intended to allude to a Cleavland Steam Engine.
"I knew it was time to give Miranda her cleavland steamer, when she said 'All Aboard!' and I also added the obligatory 'Chugga, chugga' and 'Choo choo!' noises all the while.'
by Jake George January 09, 2008
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a sick fetish that involves shiting on the male/female while u are fucking much like a boston pancake or a shit tosser or a buttom shit dolphin
guy: hey why dont u let me cleavland steamer on ur chest to get thing really hot

Girl: no you sick bastard go to hell im leaving and im sending this picture to ur mom...fucking ass whole whats a cleavland steamer anyway?
by jaxoffalot April 21, 2008
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