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clarine is an amazing girl who always bounces from boy to boy. She is a sporty girl who finds it hard to show her emotions yet she is very lovable
"that person is so cool!"
"i know she's a clarine, also knows as rin"
"she is an egg
by clarine November 30, 2016
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"Clarine" is a wonderful person. She loves and cares about her friends and her family. Has a quite great style and sings and dances most of the time she is short but fast. She likes so toget to know people and treats everyone the same. But then she is also very sad and emotional, gets sad easily when people do things behind her back but she has a pure heart!
Omg... have you seen how she sings
Yess she is totally a "clarine"
by clarenotclaire July 02, 2018
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