A reference to the original teller of a joke, story, etc.
Man 1: So I told the hearse into a bar joke yesterday
Man 2: Hey I told you that.
Man 1: Ya, I footnoted it.
by beoheed September 22, 2007
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A person who treated you some type of way, pulled all the strings the right and wrong way. So you gotta drop them first. Make them a thing that is additional or less important. P.S it's better than the other definitions
Girl is treating a guy
The guy says fuck it
Boom tells her she's a footnote.
by Pwolly420 September 26, 2019
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Refers to the footnote in the Starr report where it was reported that Monica Lewinsky gave President Bill Clinton a rim job. Also called a 220.
Man, it was so great, I laid back and she gave me a footnote 220.
by WT April 12, 2006
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The discription of a fictional novels presence to real life events.

In the story's of Harry Potter for example:

Harry's train ride is an example of children on orphan trains in the united States being transferd from urban to rural places.
Other Historical Footnotes include:
Dumbledore's demeanor and diplomatic wisdom resembles that of Sir. Winston Churchill.

The story's also parrallel Cold War Themes of evil, power, threats, devestation and division. Like countries, people are conquerd, controlled and devoured by evil powers as represented by Ginny, saying that the heir of Slytherin "took me over." Because he is a warewolf, Lupin was denied employment and blacklisted like the McCarthy-era communists, and he acted like a World War II conspirator by remaining passive and justifying his silence. sirius Black could be misunderdtood and falsley acussed like "The man in the Iron Mask," exiled like nepoleon, traped like the princess in the tower or like a prisioner of war for example. These are just a few ideas that taugh me alot in writing.
by wolfdg8myS0ulW/noodles November 29, 2009
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