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Cisphobia is where people are phobic of people being comfortable with their gender because they think everyone who is cis is transphobic saying things such as cis scum despite thinking that cisphobia doesnt exist, yet they portray themselves as cisphobic without even realizing it or coming to terms with it.
"Oh my god! Did you hear about Leah? She thinks cisphobia is real! Lol!"
by Pseudocis May 13, 2016
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Cisphobia is an irrational fear or hatred of straight people, often people from the LGBTQ "community" will call people who disagree with them homophobic not understanding what the word phobic means and in turn shedding light on their own phobia, the phobia of straight people.
Billy- why won't you date a trans woman are you a homophobe?
Alex- no im straight and don't like men. Are you cisphobic because it seems like you have an irrational fear of straight white males,i hear you call a lot of them homophobic just because they don't agree with your sexual preferences or your lifestyle choices.
-cisphobia is an irrational fear of straight people.
by Mystical troll July 10, 2018
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