to cirque; to get ones cirque on

To try to incorporate acrobatic moves in everyday life, especially during sexual intercourse.
Jamie: Damn, what's with that bump on your head?

Erica: Girl, Jamal was holding me upside down last night and he dropped me!

Jamie: Ha! That fool was tryin to get his cirque on!
by sleazyv April 25, 2008
Adj.,Circus of the damned, a cult that operated as entertainment during the dark ages
Wes Craven, had a whole Cirque Noir feel about his movies, at least the bad ones.
by Albert Shanks July 22, 2006
A maneuver in which you exple flattace while performing a a 360 jump. The fart must start and end while in the air, no exceptions. If the participant farts on landing, it does not count and you are a complete loser. And you probably shit your pants. It requires exceptional anus control. It is an expert level dance move. The IOC is considering this as a pointable move for balance beam gymnastics.
Did that guy just perform a cirque du flate?

He is awesome.
by Jaydizzy7 October 10, 2012
An extremely creative, and talented, French-Canadian modern day circus. Created by Guy Laliberte and Daniel Gauthier in 1984. Many of the shows tour all over the world. The headquarters of Cirque can be located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

What sets this circus apart from all others is that it consists of elaborate costumes, music, settings, mesmerizing acts, and extremely skilled performers. There are also no animals used in any of the shows, and most shows seem to tell a story, similar to that of a play or ballet.
My favorite Cirque Du Soleil show is Varekai.
by Cirque_Fan_137 November 29, 2005
Another name for the dreaded "red circle of death" error light associated with the Xbox 360.
Directly translates from French as "the red circus".
A neologism attributed to Tycho from Penny Arcade.
Gamer 1: Why weren't you gaming last night?
Gamer 2: I don't know what happened. I saw Le Cirque Rouge, then a puff of smoke, and my Xbox was done for.
by Cicero's Assassin August 29, 2007
A book written by Darren Shan that has a saga consisting of 10(soon to be 11) books.
Have you read the 10th Cirque Du Freak book yet?
by Samboman March 30, 2006
n, slang 1. A group of people who appear to be sharing the same trip, or narcotic wavelength.
2. a group of people acting out in an outlandish manner.
3. a person who dose not appear to be sane.
by Jools Mandelbrot April 1, 2004