a cool girl that is always head strong and stands up for anything she believes in. She has a bad temper but its worth every bit of hell. she is very hot headed. she is cruel and mean at times. but despite all of these things she has a huge heart and will love anyone till the end of her days.
damn chynas mad again
by noneofurbuz August 28, 2010
A girl that every guy wants and that every girl wants to be. She has a hourglass shape and plays hard to get. You also cannot mess with her because she will bee able to fight right back. It's easy to be her friend because she is super lovable and king.
Man 1:"Dang, look at Chyna over there."
Man 2:"I lowkey wanna talk to her."
Girl:"Ugh Chyna is so perfect I wish I was more like her"
by Lillybae456 January 11, 2017
The best person in the world and most like will go out with someone named antwon our xavier or kayvon.
She is so nice. stysdfudsfisdiyftdstvweiiusjksdbxdchjds chyna q ghdtdyhjhylufhfjuhyi
by chambc May 21, 2018
She's as beautiful and unique as her name. Quiet, insecure, and delicate by nature. She remains loyal to the one she loves. She does not trust easily and to win her over comes with a big responsibility. She's easily offended and often defensive. She stays true to her beliefs and takes a lot of things to heart. She may be tender, but by no means is she weak. All in all, she's a great girl with a good heart and she's worth getting to know.
by Adeo November 13, 2013
A gorgeous girl who turns heads every time she walks into a room. She does not realize how beautiful she is. She is the most compassionate person you will ever meet, and she changes every person's life when she meets them. She truly is special.
Oh my god, I need to take that girl stargazing, she is exactly like a Chyna.
by JAke100 October 23, 2017
A girl who is fine asl and is loyal af
Damn Chyna looking like a snack today
Chyna: thx
by Baby_chyna123 November 11, 2018
A very cute, amazing sweet, Big hearted, loving, Godly girl
always doing what is right, and so cute all the time. modest on basically everything about her, loves sock monkies, and her family. <3 :)
you are a very chynae type of person!
by Anthony Frail July 9, 2012