That talentless Instagram so called influencer is showing the meaning of her name she is chutiya
by Covidnienteen November 24, 2021
Chutiya is basically used to define best friends. It's a word for idiots, dumb guys.
Don't be a chutiya.
by Meee-tttuuu March 9, 2022
chutiya refes to handsome, describing he handsomness of a person
look,that guy is so chutiya!
by badbiss March 26, 2022
Person 1: ayeee u know 'Jay darbi' The Chutiya
Person 2: yuhhh....the wicked richass faggot have ego shoved up in his ass and thinks he owns every single thing he seee....probably a scumbag....even indian roads have less pits and marks than his face!
by Obama_bin_laden December 18, 2022