Originally a hindi word used for a informal form of "let's go".

Now spread cross culturally used to mean anything from "okay", "yes", "no", "really?", "what??", "let's do it", "oh" etc.

May be used as a verbal fullstop. Can be used in most situations depending on intonation.

Will make you sound slightly fobby.

Started becoming used in a widespread manner in Australia from January 2010.
1. "Do you want to go see a movie tonight?"


2. "Did you know so and so is going out with so and so?"


3. "Chal let's do it"
by btols June 25, 2010
Used to address a familiar person during a conversation, an informal form of you

Depending on the nature of the conversation with the person you are addressing it can be used for dramatic effect.

The equivalent of using the word Yo

It can also be used to express disgust or disaproval with a person, comment or event

Chal! let me tell you what happened last night (dramatic expression)

Chal please! (disgust)

Chal! (disgust and dramatic expression)

I talked to her last night chal (addressing a friend or familiar)

by SunnyShine August 27, 2008
A chal or some or several chals are a female friend to a male but not good friends or a best friend. But rather a pal who is female. This is because females are sometimes referred to as chicks. So a female pal is a chick who is a pal which is a Chal.
Are the any chals in chat today?
I have many friends including my mates and my chals.
by Chester Hope Rivers January 28, 2016
A deadpan way of saying "Go fuck yourself".

A simple yet savage dismissal.
1: Lordy lordy, I do love the policies of President Trump.
2: Chal chal chutiye.
by musicalwords December 11, 2019
To be in strong agreement with. Syn; Straight Up, Fo Sheezy
"Man dat girl got some junk." "Chal Chal Chal"
by reid March 10, 2003
Some old guy with strong convictions about the Bible who shares his opinion with other people in forums. Not too shabby.
Man, did you see what chal posted at www.utopiatemple.com forums?!?!

Go, chal, go!
by potro dobuc February 5, 2004
Calling the front seat of your friends car (shotty) and no one can try to challenge you on it (no chal.) You can only use this rule when you can actually see the car.
You: Ah, fuck.
Me: Haha sucker
by katieiscool? January 23, 2009