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Specially used in Costa Rica: an all-purpose word which means "thing" and is used to fill the space for anything that the Costa Ricans cannot identify or explain. It is even used as a verb: "chuncherequear"

Also, El Chunche: A nick name for a former soccer player from Alajuela.
Chunche: "Llevo la maleta llena de chunches".

Chuncherequear: "Para abrir esa puerta tengo que chuncherequear la llave".
by Leonardo Solano March 05, 2008
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Nicaraguan word used in place of names of thing you cannot remember. Thing, Whatchamacallit. The word is also used in other Central American countries, but its origin is Nicaraguan.
Can you pass me that... Chunche?

What’s the name of that chunche you gave me?
by Nicasia October 12, 2019
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