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A baby formed from filthy and/or dilapidated used condoms that inseminates an ovum in the grimy gutter or trash receptical in a major metropolitan area. The ovum is usually the result of 1 day or more old hooker vaginal secretions.
No two humans exist that could naturally spawn something as filthy as you; you must be a chud-baby.
by Michael Hellbacon December 22, 2005
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A baby who comes from unfortunate or nasty origins. Comes from the term for discarded semen often called chud. Used most often as an insult for someone you vehemently hate.
"Poor Tyrone... have you seen his chud baby? I heard he also has one fugly baby's momma on his back. Damn."

"Jacob is nothing but a fat chud baby- I hope he fails the LSAT."
by Michelle Tanner August 25, 2006
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A baby miraculously conceived through anal intercourse. The sperm, possibly through osmossis, makes its way to the baby-maker, where the fetus develops. The baby, then, travels back into the ass, where it is born through the butthole, presumably covered in shit.

by PapaT November 01, 2006
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a baby who is born on the streets of new york through the process of piled up condoms and a sewer rat. typically occurs on tuesdays.
lets make a chud baby
by MrBomangles January 21, 2011
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