4 definitions by Michelle Tanner

A baby who comes from unfortunate or nasty origins. Comes from the term for discarded semen often called chud. Used most often as an insult for someone you vehemently hate.
"Poor Tyrone... have you seen his chud baby? I heard he also has one fugly baby's momma on his back. Damn."

"Jacob is nothing but a fat chud baby- I hope he fails the LSAT."
by Michelle Tanner August 25, 2006
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This act can only occur when your lover or friend sleeps with thier mouth open. The person performing the loving golden alarm clock then procedes to urinate in thier lover/friend/random pick up's from the night before mouth. Good Morning!
"Sally Sue had a huge hangover and wouldn't wake up- so I gave her a golden alarm clock.... she won't be comming back from the bars with me ever again."
by Michelle Tanner September 04, 2006
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The act of urinating into your lovers ear hole. Very popular in Southern China.
Josh: "Why Herro! Would you like me to cleanse you with a Golden Q-Tip?"
by Michelle Tanner September 04, 2006
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Girl who uses halloween as an excuse to act and dress like a slut. Halloween sluts are characterized by their thought that in the morning no one will remember how skanky and utterly trashy they looked the night before. But the truth is, once a halloween slut, always a halloween slut. Everyone remembers.
Halloween sluts forget the reason for the season. Halloween is not about squezing into a "french maid" outfit you got at the local porn store that is purposefully 3 sizes too small or living out your dream to be a victoria secret model despite your beer gut and flab ass. It's about candy and beer.
"Did you see Jessica's fat ass in nothing but underwear last night?" - sensible girl #1
"No, but I did see JoJo in a nurse outfit that showed her ass cheeks." - sensible girl #2
"Damn, our campus is nothing but a bunch of halloween sluts" - sensible girl #1
by Michelle Tanner August 22, 2006
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