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An area in Queens filled with mostly Whites and Asians.

Was rated the second best neighborhood to live in NYC. Nice mix of residential/sururban and commercial.
Used to be an affordable place to live but now is getting very expensive with all the rich Brooklynites and Manhattanites moving in.
Not the best place to raise children but a very friendly neighborhood overall.
Queens New York City Astoria

Mets Yankees Sunnyside
by Will Lynam November 25, 2013
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An area in Queens, New York, located near Astoria and Jckson Heights. Urban but friendly, Population is a huge mix made up of a lot of Hispanics, Chinese, White, and Blacks. A few indian deli's too, an overground subway, with bootlegers under it. A great place to live.. not suburban but not a full out ghetto.
by Veronica Arnez September 10, 2005
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A small area in Marysville, Washington that sucks ass and is boring as hell. Everything that has to be fixed there is always ghetto jerry rigged or what we native sunnyside residents call "sunnysidein'" The sunnyside kings is an underground gang that kind of runs everything and controls what happens there... which is probably why it sucks ass.
person1: "Biatch!, where the hell do you think you're from?"
person2: "I'm a sunnyside king you little bitch! Respect my shit!"
by Sunnyside King August 15, 2006
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