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A man who simply has a thing against carrying a loaded weapon around all the time.
Mother: *knocks on door* Billy, what are you doing in there?
Billy: uhhh... NOTHING.
Mother: Dammit Billy, you're a chronic masturbator just like your father.
by sir gibsalot November 21, 2008
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When a male feeds the one eyed trouser snake or fucks his fuck stick, more than 2 times a week; if you jack off more times then 7 times a week you have a bad habit
I know this kid who feeds his one eyed trouser snake so much it died from abusing it too much, too often cause hes a Chronic Masturbator
by Punkrock Mike January 23, 2008
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Someone with the urge to constantly touch themselves in unknown places. Particularly when they have a vajay jay like chewbacca.
Jess: ew rach stop doing that, chewbacca has been fed.

Rach: he needs more. Always more. Anyway I have an excuse, i am a chronic masturbator don't you know!
by Chewbaccas hair May 08, 2016
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