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A communicable language within the Christian subculture with words and phrases created, redefined, and / or patened that applies only to the Christian sphere of influence.
So, I took this girl out and she started asking me if I was saved and she was all into Jesus and the bitch was speaking Christianese

Christianese: "The Lord works in mysterious ways."

Translation: "I'm totally clueless."
by Randag March 17, 2005
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Christianese is the language spoken by Christians. It makes no sense to anyone unfamiliar with biblical texts, but earns you major points in the eyes of other Christians, because it means your words are hella holy.

Common examples include: old man/new man, unblemished lamb, fruit of the spirit, washed in the blood, and let's not forget the ever popular born again.
Christian: Brother, I felt like I was really backsliding, so I crucified my old man and put on my new man, and now the fruit of the spirit is evident in my life!
Non-Christian: What the hell did you just say? You speakin' Christianese?
by IndieSnob July 03, 2006
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A manner of speaking within the American Christian subculture in which the speaker cloaks the words being said under the feign visage of 'love', but in reality, is saying it for the sole purpose of hurting you.
Christianese: "I really feel that God is telling me to say this to you..."

Translation: "I am going to hurt you now... in Jesus's name, Amen."
by golgotha August 15, 2012
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Words used by Christians that the unsaved masses are unlikely to understand. Christian buzzwords.
"Father God, you are omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient. Thank you for saving me by grace through faith in Jesus Christ, the Savior of mankind" would be a prayer, dreadfully overdosing on Christianese
by M.C. Chicken December 01, 2009
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