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A typical inhabitant of Argentina that, whether male or female, embodies the complete range of qualities of that particular species: 1) short-term opportunism in finances and romance 2) egotism that is thought to arrise from a poor self and national esteem 3) physically typified by long, dark hair and at last 2 items of clothing that you have not seen since 1986 4) often times described as an Italian that speaks Spanish, that thinks he/she is French but really wants to be English.
The Argie-Monkey decided to go to the psychologist at his wife´s recomendation after that trauma of Diego Maradona´s 2nd heart attack though really, he spent his time and money having sex with prostitutes.
by Randag January 15, 2005
A person who is sexually attractive within the context of a bar, but not necessarily in lighted areas, especially that sunlight falling on a bed in the early morning after a righteous bender
That girl I made out with last night was bar hot, but when I saw her the next day, I wanted to scrub my tongue.
by Randag January 15, 2005
A communicable language within the Christian subculture with words and phrases created, redefined, and / or patened that applies only to the Christian sphere of influence.
So, I took this girl out and she started asking me if I was saved and she was all into Jesus and the bitch was speaking Christianese

Christianese: "The Lord works in mysterious ways."

Translation: "I'm totally clueless."
by Randag March 18, 2005
A vagina monologue is when a female, goes on and on incessantly about something that a man could really give a shit about.
I was trying to listen to the game on the ride home, but my girlfriend was reciting her vagina monologues again
by Randag February 17, 2005
A person living in Miami that embodies all of the ignorant, shallow, and materialistic values that characterizes the proud inhabitants of Miami. Often characterized by improper English, wearing of gold object, living in their parents house, and driving a car that costs twice as much as their year's salary.
As we walked through the parking lot after a nice dinner we saw a guy and a girl both wearing sunglasses as night "Mamita, someone scratched my BMW in the parking. Shit, now I ain't gonna roll into the club like dis. Carajo!" I turned to my friend and I said "observe the nocturnal behavior of the Miamese."
by Randag October 2, 2005
An Argentine word for "Posh" It can imply a bit of snobbishness when used for that which is unnecessarily extravagant.
I will not go to that cheto club which charges $10 for a Budweiser because all of the people are cheto
by Randag October 2, 2005