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When a person puts sun screen on their neck but forgets about around the neck of the shirt; this causes a bright red sun burn (about 1 centimeter thick)that is in a giant circle around their neck. It looks like the person is wearing a bright red dog collar.
Hey Jim! Look over there at that guy's dog collar!
by Carter Ray Hansen July 09, 2007
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This is to be used on a person who is very corporate and anal about their professional appearance.

Find some dogshit and flatten it out between two pieces of wax paper until it is very,very thin. Use a razor to cut out pieces that are the exact size and shape of a collar-stay (plastic things that goin dress shirts to keep each side of the collar straight).When finished, place in the freezer overnight.

Wake up when your target does and when he goes into the bathroom to shave, you run into his room and replace the plastic collar-stays with ones you made out of dogshit. If you are unsure of which shirt he is wearing, have some extras made to insert in all possible choices.
They'll thaw out while he's at work or in class and he'll smell like shit.
Steve: "I wonder how John did in his interview today..."

Mike: "My guess? Not too well, considering he reeked of dogshit."

Steve: "Dog Collar?"

Mike: "Bullseye."

Steve: "Nice".
by Mikey T...... January 09, 2010
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Term for the neckband type of clergy collar, especially commonly worn by Episcopal priests.
"Who's the dude wearing the dog collar?"
"Oh, that's Father Smith from the Episcopal Church."
by oneoldgeezer2.0 December 13, 2013
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