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A funny oxymoron that Christian kids use to go against "The Man" and still be a "good" Christian kid. Ironicly the blasphemy, sexuality and violence of many death metal bands and songs are overlooked in this "genre".
"I went to Hot Topic and got this fuckin' sweet new shirt!"
"Cool, I got this sweet ass new spiked dog collar and this shirt that says, 'Lust is Pimp'!"
"Cool, let's go get ready for church!"
by CypressLB February 23, 2005
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Yet another funny oxymoron. Christian rap really doesn't exist, it's like metal without the sex, drugs and parties. Christian rap will never express some of the core ideals and dilemmas that almost all rap artists express. I'm sorry, but a rap or hip-hop song about Mountain Dew, which is a great drink, is not a rap song. It's like a football player dressed as a ballerina for the Super Bowl, it just isn't right.
Listening to 2Pac can help you understand what real rap is about.
by CypressLB February 23, 2005
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