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A Christian hair metal band from the 80's. They wore black and yellow striped leather outfits. Their album "To Hell with the Devil" went platinum.
Speak of the devil
He's no friend of mine
To turn from him is what we have in mind

Just a liar and a thief
The word tells us so
We like to let him know
Where he can go

To hell with the devil
To hell with the devil

When things are going wrong
You know who to blame
He will always live
Up to his name

He's never been the answer
There's a better way
We are here to rock you
And to say
by Lorg Skyegon June 27, 2005
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An ambigously homosexual hair-metal band who, while adorned in black and yellow-striped leather, acted as a marketing ploy for christianity primarily throughout the 1980's.
"Hey Jesus likes metal. He listens to Stryper!"
by rickwhohatesyou August 07, 2006
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