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An expression meaning "do it now!" often used as a retort by a supervisor speaking to an underling.
"So, are those reports ready?"
"Sir, I'm planning to start on them."
"Well, get on it, chop chop!"
by A_Wordsmith April 04, 2005
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Chöp Chöp is the word PewDiePie uses when he's either chopping down a tree or digging dirt with his diamond pickaxe
Of course, in Minecraft
Pewds: *sees tree and walks up to it*
Pewds: *begins to Chöp Chöp it*
Pewds: "Tree Chöp Chöp.
via giphy
by TheDoctor781 August 04, 2019
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A demeaning directive given from a master or superior, to a subordinate in order gain their attention and expedite an order or request, typically accentuated with two stacatto cymbal-like claps of hands at or around head level.
by Ricky Casino July 03, 2010
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Very finely chopped up marijuana and tobacco. Preferably chopped up with decently sized kitchen cutlery on a cutting board, or just any hard surface for that matter (whichever you prefer) and mixed together as if you were creating your own "chop-salad." Once the product is finished being chopped, take the concoction and precisely pack as much as physically possible into a bong, pipe, or bubbler (bong is your best bet), and enjoy.

Also, it's customary when smoking chop in the presence of "virgin choppers," that nobody speaks of the effects of chop chop, but rather just let the victim rip the shit out of the bong and let him marinate in his own sudden intoxication.

**DISCLAIMER: Some may become uncontrollably addicted to chop-chop, however, we are not to be found responsible for any addictions that do occur after reading this excerpt**
Man 1: So, whatcha wanna do for the next hour?
Man 2: I dont know, wanna smoke some chop chop?
Man 1: Yeah, I guess
Man 3: What's chop chop?

Man 1 and 2: *pause* ..... just smoke it yo!
by SCRiMF October 18, 2010
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A stupid faggot undead rogue from Archimonde who has nothing better to do than camp lowbies and talk shit on the forums.
Chopchop camped me for 5 hours last night.
by Davisgrey October 16, 2006
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to cut, chop off; injure (physically or mentally). Usually told in situations where one person disobeyed a rule, or disrespected, and retaliation is needed to punish in order for it to not happen again.
Person 1: Hey that female is fiine.
Person 2: kick back that's Jay's lady.
Person 1: I dont care who Jay is. I'll say what I want.

Person 1 gets ass kicked by Jay.
by ehhiigh March 11, 2011
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