A song by the band system of a down. it was originally going to be named suicide but was change the chop suey as in "suey"cide. It was declared inappropriate to be played on the radio after the 9/11 tragedy
... i don't think you trust in my self righteous suicide... - chop suey!
by 7acob May 19, 2010
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A cheap Canto-Chinese American dish widely sold in US, consists of stir fried bok choy seasoned with oyster sauce and other left over meats or vegetables. Is refered to as cheap and widely available MAK-90's sold in the US before the Clinton ban.

AK-47 assault rifle, or Chinese MAK-90 variants, a slang originated in California/Bay area for chinese made Kalashnikovs. Can be Norinco and Polytech AK's.

Chinese made SKS rifle, usually modified to load AK magazines or drums.
I grab my chop suey and unload the 30 round banana.

He popped the trunk and delivered the chop suey to the customer.
by TEH YEH December 2, 2005
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The act of placing someone's face against your ass and ripping a filthy dirty fart.
"Are you practicing karate son?"
"Yeah dad"
"You wanna learn chop suey son?"
"What's that?"
*places head against rear and passes gas*
by Pillarsofdrear December 24, 2020
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The only song most people who say they listen to System of a Down have probably heard.
Jay: You listen to System of a Down
Mark: Fuck yeah, Chop Suey kicks ass!
Jay: Know any other songs by them?
Mark: ...
Jay: Dumbass
by Slither March 14, 2005
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System of a Down's first heavily rotated single, soon pissed on and beaten to death by Avril Lavigne. The Tenacious D parody-cover, however, makes up for that.

It's also Chinese food.
You'd think that Chop Suey was too good to be ruined, but then that stupid bitch KILLED IT.


Mmm, this is some tasty chop suey.
by Conan O'Brien November 15, 2003
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At term for Chinese mob assassinations in Chinatown. Can be used for any Chinese mob assassination though.
My god ! They just made chop suey out of Henry!
by Yourmatedowntheroad November 12, 2015
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Sex with an Asian
They did a little chop suey
by Luddz April 16, 2015
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