2 definitions by Pillarsofdrear

The act of placing someone's face against your ass and ripping a filthy dirty fart.
"Are you practicing karate son?"
"Yeah dad"
"You wanna learn chop suey son?"
"What's that?"
*places head against rear and passes gas*
by Pillarsofdrear December 24, 2020
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The most hardcore drinking game imaginable. You and your friends each pour a glass of milk and race to finish your glass first. This sounds easy, but the real challenge is that you'll be trying to make your opponents laugh as hard as they can to hinder their milk drinking progress. The first man to finish their milk is crowned Milk King.
"Hey man it's midnight, you know what that means"
"Fuck yeah I do, it's fucking milk time!"
by Pillarsofdrear December 28, 2021
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