Gwarn = Jamaican slang for 'going on'. Often used as part of an inquiry into the general well being of a friend or acquaintance
Safe G, what's gwarn? You coo?
by WordBrare January 17, 2008
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A way of greeting and going somewhere.
What's gwarn in mate
I'm going to gwarn to the village wanna come?
by British druggo September 05, 2016
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What jus Gwarned? (jamican slang, what just happened)
The police come and someone doesnt know why, they reply, "what jus gwarned?"
by Gwarn March 31, 2010
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Gwarn = Jamaican slang for go on! It is the message that Pato Banton brings to the world in song.
Pato gives an easy and inspiring explanation, he explains that, as a child, his mother would open the door and say “gwarn” (go on), leaving him to make his own way to school, “for those of you who don’t have someone holding your hand through this life, telling you exactly what you need to be doing, don’t fret, gwarn and do it!”
by Paul Bossert April 13, 2006
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