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noun. A condominium in a building that was clearly once a church
adj. Describing a building that was clearly once a church and is now a parsed residence.

Close cousin of the choffice, a church that has been converted into offices.
My boyfriend's chondo is in the former rectory of a church, which is bad for my sex life since, everytime we get down to it, I think about going to confession with Father Flanagan.
by creaternity April 17, 2006
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1. an individual who, by means other than his own (usually his parents) lives in the same affluent community where he graduated (barely) from high school.

2. a junior college student who parties with high school seniors and dates high school sophmores from the high school he went to.
H.S. Senior 1: Whoa, who is that wearing those huge white spy sunglasses driving that raised orange truck with 22s and black flames?

H.S. Senior 2: Oh you mean Dustin? Can you believe he's dating Greg's little sister who's two years younger than US?

H.S. Senior 1: Yeah. What a fuckin' chondo.
by uscnickc October 08, 2008
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1. An individual who is annoying to be around because of smell, constant talking, is a "know-it-all," etc.

2. Someone who has repeatedly been addicted to drugs.
Stop smoking weed, chondo; you look like a fool.
by Chiizee July 19, 2011
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