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A slang term referring to a person in choir.
I'm an orky dorky, he's a band geek, and my girlfriend's a choir queer.
by Tye Brown May 15, 2008
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The name for a person who is in choir and most likely enjoys it very much. Band geeks usually frown upon these people because they are mediocre and they're performances aren't as enjoyable and well-put-together as band performances.
That girl is such a choir queer. Look at her stupid uniform. Our band uniforms surpass them by a long shot.
by WeezerFan December 26, 2005
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A fag who is in every single choir class available. They have no actual talent and haven't studied their instrument as well as actual musicians have.
That retard is in ACapella, Women's choir, Concert Choir, and Show Choir. Man, I hate Choir Queers.
by Jacob_Puccio January 14, 2009
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Someone who is homosexual and in choir and most people in choir arent homosexual so not everyone in choir is a queer.
Someone who thinks people in choir are choir queers obviously can't comprehend good music and is then the queer. Dumbass choir hating queer.
by EliteDemon December 03, 2004
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