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derived from the word "totally" but instead in reference to the size, width, or any physical attributes of a chode.
"Dude you think your penis is big?! MAN that thing is chodally small..."
by The Green Manalishi July 16, 2008
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"Chodally", derived from the words "chode" and "totally" came to fruition in the Freudian slip of a college student when discussing someone's chode-y actions with a friend.

The word does not necessarily refer to a penis, but instead suggest that someone (or their actions) is a total, or rather a "chodal" douche bag.
"So-and-so pissed all over the place; he's a total chode." becomes "So-and-so chodally pissed all over the place."

"So-and-so is totally a chode, and he sucks dick." becomes "So-and-so chodally sucks dick."

"Becky chodally blew me off." = "What a betch, Becky is like, totally off my friends list."
by PinkPanther May 04, 2012
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