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Where one wipes the anus from back to front as apposed to front to back, therefore carrying the faeces from the anus onto the scrotum and testicular area, usually coating them and giving them a brown colour.
Will: Yo Tom, how do you wipe your ass?
Tom: From back to front
Will: Ew fuck, you've got a case of chocolate nuts. He got a pooey balllbag
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by rezenquah June 26, 2018
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The act of cumming in a womans ass.
Hey man I fucked her in the ass and made her eat some of the chocolate nut!
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by xdubz420 December 11, 2016
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In order to give a "chocolate nuts" a man must take a shit on their partners chest and puts his balls/testicles into the crap. Then has his partner lick and suck off the poo.
My girlfriend was pretty hungry so I went ahead and fed her some "chocolate nuts".

Dude, that african chick looks hungry, maybe she wants some "chocolate nuts".
by ald;jfdlfnadjflaubfuryui May 18, 2009
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