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When a girl is on her back and you defecate onto her face then sit down covering the nose and mouth so as not to allow any airflow. She will flail and turn red like a lobster.
White Steve: "Hey did you hear about that chick that Jim killed?"
Black Doug: "Yeah, nigga, he always sit too long when bustin a chocolate lobster on a bitch, yome sayin'?"
by skaggsville March 25, 2010
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When the toilets in a restroom are so filthy, you choose to defecate in the trash can rather than the filthy toilet. Usually in this case it is an explosive type #2 that hits the back of the trash can and slide down resembling a large chocolate lobster.
I went in the restroom in an Iraqi restaurant, the toilets were so dirty I had to pull a chocolate lobster.
by ODB 2-7 August 08, 2011
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