a kind of torture performed by dripping one drop of water at a time on someone's forehead. it induces boredom and eventually a lot of frustration.
As a punishment for breaking a window, he put his son through a Chinese water torture for a couple of hours.
by KRHimself October 25, 2004
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A type of Chinese torture, involving...uh...water. There were actually four main methods of torture:

1) A steady drip of water to the head which turned the victim insane.
2) The victim is placed on a rack horizontally above quickly-growing bamboo shoots, which are watered. The shoots peirce the victim, resulting in a slow and painful death.
3) The victim is force-fed bamboo shoots and water until he cannot take in any more. The bamboo grows inside the victim, until it protrudes from the skin.
4) The victim is force-fed water until he drowns internally.
Chinese Water Torture is a very undignified way to go...
by Oni-91 October 27, 2007
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The act of doing a girl from behind in a bathroom while dipping her head in and out of the toilet bowl
eg.1) "that girl won't die of dehydration now that I've given her the chinese water torture"

eg. 2) guy #1 "something smells like toilet water!" guy #2 "yeah, i just gave megan the chinese water torture!"
by The Big Pink Sock January 27, 2007
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While a girl is giving you oral, you shove your penis down her throat and pour a glass of water down it.
I gave my girl the Chinese Water Torture and she hasnt spoke to me since.
by Anoos Kamiba September 4, 2007
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