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Traditionally it is an ancient chinese finger toy. On the street it is used in reference to a girl that has been known to have sex with two men at the same time from both ends, hence resembling a chinese finger trap, complete with the pulling and pushing.
I fucked this girl while she was blowing my friend; she's a chinese finger trap.
by Tony April 29, 2003
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the whale tail is the shape formed when a g-string rides up high over a womans trousers
oh my god look at that butt, her whale tail is showing so high!
by garv November 10, 2003
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Two uncircumcised men glue their foreskins together, creating a liquid tight cock sleeve. Said sleeve will can be manned by either participant, or an enthusiastic volunteer. They then proceed to slide meat coozy back and forth at desired speed and vigor... simultaneous climax will assuredly follow. Once the shame sets in (as it always does in such circumstances), both men kill themselves or move back into their parents house.
After preparing a tasty snack, Bill suggested he and Ted do the Chinese Finger Trap
by Dr. Vito March 07, 2020
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Two penises approach each other. One circumcised and one not. The uncircumcised takes it for skin and rolls the foreskin over the other penis
Hey Owen, wanna Chinese Finger Trap?
Yea sure!
by Golden Gus April 01, 2019
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When two guys (standing) are double teaming a midget (one in the mouth, one in the ass) and the midget is suspended on the two cocks without touching the ground at all. Then the midget bites down on the dick and clenches her ass cheeks so the two guys are stuck in her.
"Fuck this midget has us in a Chinese Finger Trap!"
by SIXTY6 May 13, 2010
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when one dude hits the ass or the pussy and another guy gets head from that girl..... try and picture it
me n jake pinneo r gonna hit a train on dat bitch
by jake arnold February 19, 2004
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The act of an uncircumcised penis using its foreskin to cover and lock in a circumcised penis head of another man
Khristian: bro, did you hear what Rufus did to Shane at his wedding?

Rich: no bro, what happened?!

Khristian: Rufus went and gave Shane a Chinese finger trap.
by K-Schlem2014 June 29, 2019
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