A racist word for any people that are asian.
yo that fucking chinc ripped of five dollas
by wolfdaeg March 15, 2005
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1. a situation where you get ripped off/shit on. or just when something really shitty happens to you. could be used as a response when someone tells you when something bad happens.

2. someone who is a cheap mother fucker.
"man that guy fuckin chinced you"

"chince, i dropped my lighter"

"guy: yo i got pinched for weed.
buddy: chince."

"dont buy from johny, hes fucking chince"
by xB.enx January 21, 2006
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Ripping off someone (usually a friend)
Joe: Man! Brett totally chinced me!
Aaron: How?
Joe: He sold me some cubans for $250, turned out they were pieces of shit gone stale!
Aaron: What a fuckin' turkey!
by Daud_Parabola March 11, 2014
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to chill or relax when excited. Made by Chaminade College School students(Toronto,ON), and is short for "chill vince".
Person1: I played World of Warcraft for 8 hours last night.
Person2: Whoa, chince queer.
by Francis R. November 23, 2006
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1) To be screwed over while in pursuit of a certain goal with great severity

2) Can also be synonymous with "Jewed"
I was trying to get at dat lady with dem big long get-away sticks but was chinced by that douche Trevor.
by DocZMT September 10, 2013
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(v) 1. To do or make something cheaply or with cheap components. 2. The act of cheapening a production.
And don't chince on that pizza bro, do me right with the cheese and toppings!
by mmaaaxx July 12, 2010
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