A vibe of not feeling or caring about anything at that instance
Sam: are you ok?
Caleb: yea, i'm just chillin'
by Frederick Frederick November 04, 2019
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Hanging around doing drugs, or something almost as bad such as juuling. You tell your parents you are just โ€œchillinโ€.
Veronica: Iโ€™m going to yeg after school.
Friend: what r u gonna do there?
Veronica: Iโ€™m just chillin

Friend: buying/bringing a juul?
Veronica: Yep
by Juulqueen September 13, 2019
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This is a meme used be "the flamango community", based off of the robot chill face. By the way, SubCRIBE FLAMINGO NOOBIES
by Subcribeflimflom January 24, 2020
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When an individual or a group's collective cognitive functions are subdued in ratio with their personality types to the point where they are unaware that cognitive functions are even being utilized.
John is a smart guy, he is over there chillin playing scrabble. I can't play that game, I'm over here chillin on my laptop watching youtube videos.
by Gamepsychology July 14, 2020
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To deny involvement with many women
Girl: I heard that you have a lot of girls.
Guy: Girl what are you talking about I just be chillin.
by FFTOF18 May 09, 2006
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