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The art of doing what one deems "chill". The definition may vary from person to person but the general idea is for a person t reach an ideal level of satisfaction in all areas of life. Unlike other ways of living, chillinism does not require a person to reach any pre-set goals or be an active member in society. You achieve chilinism when you see fit. Not a soul on earth can tell you otherwise. It's funny how hard people try when they know that an inevitable end awaits them. Chillinsim strictly believes in making ones time alive as "utopian-like" as possible.

The purpose of practicing can simply be deduced to: inflicting as little possible anxiety in life.

"I'm very tired today, but I have class at 9 (what do I REALLY want to do to make myself happy. A: Wake up go to class and not fall behind. B: stay in bed wake up at 2 and feel rested, although i am now a days behind on work."

The answer is literally, whatever will please you in the long run. Chillinism is an art similar to meditation, but requires effort only you can measure.
by Chillman February 21, 2009
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The religion dedicated to St. Chill. This religion was formed around the believe that one should do what is chill. Enjoy yourself and don't worry about the consequences, as long as you don't stop others from being chill.

There is no heave or hell, just this life. Try to do whatever makes you happy in this life.
Guy: Why did you quit your job and put in an application to work for the traveling circus?

Other Guy: I found chillinism and I thought that joining the circus would be chill.
by Lifereaper0 November 08, 2004
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