variation of chilli dog, a sexual manuver in which you crap between a lover's breasts and titty hump her. the variable making it a chilli CHEESE dog is that the woman is lactating.
suzy was my firsy chilli cheese dog, but sho ain't the last, dagnabbit.
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A sexual act in which the female vomits (with chunks) in and around her vagina and the male then proceeds to insert his penis in to the chunk filled vagina. When the act is finished, the penis resembles a Chilli Cheese Dog.
Drove my drunk girlfriend home from the bar last night and gave her a Chilli Cheese Dog
by Raymond Ford July 30, 2019
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When an uncircumcised man has intercourse with a woman on her period and leaves the mixture of semen, vaginal juices and period blood to curdle/ferment inside his foreskin for several days. Once the mixture has sufficiently curdled she licks the delicacy off during oral sex.
We had sex while she had her period so I didn’t wash my penis for 3 days and gave her a “chilli cheese dog”.
by CT-85 May 10, 2021
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The magical food that makes you hit Diggers in Baseball.
I eat chilly cheese dogs everyday
by MAN DOGE February 27, 2017
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