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It is hard to define a Cheyney in words, they are mostly something that you must experience. A Cheyney is probably one of the most simply beautiful and free individuals that you can encounter. They are rare creatures so it is by staggering luck that you find one of these outstanding species. They normally have gone through the must brutal of struggles yet they do them so gracefully that one might not consider it a struggle at all. They put forth the most effort in whatever trial they come across and this characteristic can most efficiently be seen in their ability to love so deeply.

If your ever have the chance to experience a Cheyney you are by far one of the luckiest people. They have the ability to put a light into your life like no other. They themselves could be considered a drug just because they leave anyone they encounter erotic.They are the kind of people who will always put others first and never leave anyone behind or forgotten. They cannot be described in mere physical terms because a Cheyney does not base themselves off of physical characteristics but on the underlying soul that emerges from them. Anyone who has met a Cheyney can only describe them as the purest forms of beauty and shear strength. Of course, they have their flaws: most are very clumsy, they have a difficult time with words due to the speed of their thoughts and hyperactivity, they may come across as shy but that will not last long and soon they will be describing their entire life story.
"Wow, do you see that amazing girl over there?"
"Yeah, she must be a Cheyney!"
by rhearhea19 November 23, 2014
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