One of the superior songs made by kpop group NCT. Stan them for clear skin and good luck.
β€œomg have you heard NCT’s new song?” β€œYeah! It’s called Cherry Bomb right?”
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by kaylq September 28, 2018
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A bowl of cannabis with concentrates such as hash on top.
We smoked too many cherry bombs and got fucked up.
by zenon21stcentury April 01, 2015
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A bobbing movement used online by players who know each other
I was about to kill Hannah but then she cherry bombed me
by Flimingow November 16, 2014
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1. A type of firecracker that looks like a sphere rather than a cylinder. The inside typically contains flash powder that is detonated by means of a wick.

2. A type of 4-Square move in which one person will bounce the ball in an opponents square forcing the opponent to catch it on the fly.

3. A trick used by a bully on a seesaw. The bully will raise the victim's side into the air and then leap off, causing the victim to crash to the ground.
1. The cherry bomb blew off Timmy's fingers.


3. Billy got hurt after Nelson cherry bombed him on the seesaw.
by Jim Fear May 12, 2010
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A cherry bomb is a type of firecracker that's explosion is half of that of an M-80.You can light up one of these and tie it to a brick and throw it into the ocean off the pier. When it blows up, it makes this huge explosion, making a bubble in the water. If there were any fish next to it when it blew up, you'd probably see them float up with it.
My dad liked blowing cherry bombs up in the water when he was a kid, but then those dumbass kids had to blow their hands up. I did'nt even get a chance to try them.
by Pincho October 13, 2005
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a drug combination consisting of either LSD or psychedelic mushrooms and dextromethorphan.
took a cherry bomb, flew into space, met the space-gnomes, came back to earth feeling like superman.
by reddevilspal November 08, 2008
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1.Tyler,The Creator's critically divisive album released in 2015

2.A small penis but has a huge cumshoot,referring too the fact that Cherry Bombs are small but have a huge explosion once you light them
1.Man,Tyler,The Creator's CHERRY BOMB doesn't get enough praises as it should

2.I gotta go light my cherry bomb even though it's small or still has a huge cum explosion
by Jaiden Gary June 09, 2020
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