Part attaching to the down pipe on a car, before reaching the final exhaust pipes; serves no purpose other than to make the car extremely loud
J just got a cherry bomb put on his down pipe, you can here that fool commin from 5 blocks away
by 01' 3kgt June 21, 2009
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When you kiss a girl and she has cherry (or any other flavored) lip gloss or chap stick on and the taste surprises you
I pulled her in for our first kiss and she cherry bombed me
by SpartanGal19 July 05, 2013
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When somebody loses their virginity, and becomes pregnant.
Girl 1: How'd it go with that guy you were dating?

Girl 2: I got a pregnancy test, and he totally cherry-bombed me..
by Nugget Gayger September 15, 2016
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When a women has vaginal intercourse and leaves her tampon inside.
Man... you don’t want any of that....I gave that crazy bitch a cherry bomb just the other day!
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by RhianneSaurusRex May 16, 2018
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whenever a red shits on someone’s dick during inter course
my friend told me he was cherry bombed last night, i thought he was talking about the song but i was crudely informed of the actual situation
by ballblocker0 February 23, 2020
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