The difference between siksha (student) and chela (disciple) is the difference between somebody who is out there taking notes but not really committed, and somebody who is your child. The chela is, in fact, thought of as the child of the Master. This includes being disciplined and taught, but more importantly, it means having a close, loving relationship with the Master, being a part of his family, and an heir to his spiritual wealth.
by ChelaGlez January 28, 2008
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Well this girl is hella mf great and probably the most unique you’ll ever find. Great person too spend time with and to get cheered up by. Such a beautiful smile and personality and person in general. She tha kinda girl u would honestly die for if you really had to and couldn’t trade up for anything you’ve ever wanted or could think of.
Damn Chela is a keeper!
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by Banana09 February 25, 2018
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Usually the nickname for someone named Rebecca.
I call my friend Rebecca by the name Chela sometimes.
by Maylay123 April 17, 2019
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- In Mexico also known as beer
- Lesbic twin sister
- Anorexic
- Terribly in love with a complete looser
- Pathetic girl
- Girl who likes awful music
- Discusting tastes in fashion
- An easy girl
- Foxy
- Thinks she's lovely and cute... but she's not... definetly not
- Nice skin... but awfuly dressed
- Thinks that being a virgin is to be affilieted to a famous record label...
- chela is yellowish white with pale orange base
- In one word: 'P-A-T-H-E-T-I-C'
" I hope my girl doesn't become Chela"
" Are you chela?"
" Don't be so chela!"
by Let's keep it anonymous June 10, 2004
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A joking way to say beers in spanish. It is usually used for partying purposes.
Vas a traer las chelás o que?
by Jerver February 06, 2019
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