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Used when somebody tells a really boring and/or pointless story, or a terrible joke. It's a sarcastic response originating from the Matt Edmondson show on BBC Radio 1.
Person 1: ...and that's how I found out I had more knives than forks.

Person 2: cheers kev.
by MyDogIsAWhore March 19, 2016
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A way of expressing that someone is sexually attractive. It is often used with irony or playfulness.

Comes from the verb “breed” which is to copulate with intent of bearing children.

For someone to be truly “breedable” they need to be fertile.
Anon: You are looking mighty breedable this fine evening, m’lady.
Stacy: Please don’t say that to me.
Brad: Woh, you look submissive and breedable, Becky.
Becky: Wow, thanks. *sex*
by 100PercentEthylAlcohol July 14, 2021
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A Sarcastic Reaction To Something Obvious Or Boring.
"Math Is Boring."
"Cheers Kev"
by Potteratthedisco March 30, 2016
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When someone says something very boring or completely irrelevant say to them "cheers kev"
Kieran: Wish I wrote a diary when I was younger

James: Cheers Kev
by Dirty dog nonce March 22, 2016
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Cheers Kev is a statement used when a person is telling an uninteresting anecdote or sharing their unwelcome opinion that nobody really cares about. It is said at the end of said anecdote or unnecessary opinion as to say, 'Thanks you wanker. I really needed to know that you class A prick.' albeit more politely.
'Your wife would look less like a dog if you made her wear makeup mate.'
'Yeah... Cheers Kev.'

'My dog learned to sit last week. I'm so proud of him. He's so smart etc etc!'
'So interesting! Cheers Kev!'
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by ZeldaTheSquid March 24, 2016
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A statement made my someone after listening to a person say something completely disinteresting, boring or unnecessary. A possible substitute for cool story bro nobody in the conversation needs to be called Kevin.
Person 1 - So I had a really productive today of hoovering the living room, cleaning the bathroom & walking the hamster.
Person - ....Cheers Kev
by Ledds27 March 20, 2016
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