Cheeps are Jacquie's version of "Peeps", which are marshmallow bunnies, ducks, or chickens. They're much cooler, ghetto-er, and tastier than Big Webb's stupid Peeps.
The uber marshmallowness of the Cheeps pwned the crappiness of the Peeps.
by Saint Jacquie November 28, 2005
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Used when a female is talking and a guy does not want to listen or just wants to annoy her by either ending the sentence with cheep cheep or interrupting her while speaking by saying cheep cheep. The female can then respond back with squawk.

(Both cheep cheep and squawk should be said LOUDLY)
Female: Oh my gosh, did you hear about *CHEEP CHEEP* (male)!
(Female gives evil glare and responds): *SQUAWK!*

Female: I cannot believe he actually had the nerve to show up!
by Bird Famers United! December 4, 2010
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Person 1: bro what you get up to yesterday?
Person 2: cheeping all day and night man!
Person 1: tubular!
by ghostintheforest October 31, 2018
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used after someone has done something that others might say Cheep too
by Anonymous116 February 6, 2009
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A game in Mario Party 4 that requires coordination, timing, and stealth. It is a 2 vs. 2 mini game and everyone roots for it to land on when it is one of the randomly selected games after a round. The goal of the game is to collect more cheep cheeps (fish) as a team than your two opponents in the given amount of time. Red cheep cheeps are worth one point, gold cheep cheeps are worth two points. However, one cannot just catch the cheep cheeps at will, one must sneak up to the fish and not scare them away and slowly lower their net with the A button and empty the net -which can hold up to three cheep cheeps at once- (3 gold ones if I'm playing), with the B button. There is almost unlimited strategy to this game too. You may sabotage your teammate for whatever reason at any time and dump all your wonderful cheep cheeps in your opponent's goal. You can also block your opponent from their goal by standing in their way if they are threatening with hella cheep cheeps. It is easier to block a computer because they will not make moves to try to juke you out as long as they are pinned against a wall and you. An alternate player may catch on quicker to the blockade idea and will most likely try to get out of it depending on how aggressive they cheep cheep sweep.
BCK got them gold cheep cheeps on deck b,
One can make the argument that he has mastered Cheep Cheep Sweep.
by Big_Country_Kellogg January 3, 2010
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"Yo that girl cheepin'." "Yo girl is a cheep bruh." "It aint nothin' cut that cheep off." "Yeah I was talkin' to her but she turned out to be a real cheep."
by JohnnyBlaze562 November 4, 2014
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cheep chop; meaning very happy and full of glee. correct response to this is a cheerful aboo jeebi! failure to do this will result in a whip lashing with a 10 inch spiked dildo.
it's a cheep chop day in the month of may hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey!!!!!!!!!
by jdazzle24 June 27, 2010
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