Cheema is not only a last name. Cheema is also a clan found in Jats}"pernounced Jutts" of Pakistan and India who are descendants of Indo-Aryan tribes. People belonging to Cheema clan, are found in large numbers as Muslim in West Punjab (Pakistan). Most of them are Muslim or Sikh in their religious affiliations. There are no Hindu Cheemas. Jatts are a large and prominent group of tribes in Punjab. Cheemas are one of the two major Sub-Clans of the 72 Sub-Clans in Jats. They speak Punjabi and usually own extensive lands, and are influential land lords in their respective areas. The visibile strength of the family can be referred to the first 1947 constitution of Pakistan, where the Cheema tribe was listed in the second line as one of the forty largest families coming into Pakistan.
Dan: ohh hey cheema, whats up.
Cheema: not much
by Salik Cheema August 6, 2006
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an alternative name for any marijuana or cocaine paraphynalia
Me: Go get the cheema dude, I brought some killer nuggets.
You: I broke the cheema at Joey's party last week running from the cops, remember.
Me: Oh yeah, we've gotta find someone who brought a cheema.
by fancynancy December 8, 2005
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Convenient concatenation and curtailment of ‘Cheers’ and ‘Mate’ to form a single phrase when being delivered something whist sat in a comfy chair.

Extra bonus points are available on the rebound for anything that rhymes such as Lemur, Femur or Heemer.
Dave: Here's your cup of tea!
Andrew: Oh, Cheema!
by Mister_Douve May 6, 2003
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The coolest last name ever. Also the name of the cool indianTash Cheema. Comes from the people of the great country of india, specifically PUNJAB STATE.
Tash Cheema is a cool indian and he has the coolest last name ever.
by Tash Cheema December 15, 2004
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A family of 5 jatts. Too successful, and can achieve anything they desire. Always help people first, and loved by all. Strong faith in god and really baller.
Bro the Cheema family is legit the best. Bro they just bought a Bentley man. Bro I wanna be a Cheema one day!
by Argothekuta February 1, 2020
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a day that is dedicated to celebrating your own personal love for a cheema of your choice. it originates from manchester. songs, t-shirts and banners have been known to be adorned at these celebrations. it can be used to replace a birthday of a cheema or just as another day to enjoy with friends. there is no set date for this event, making it completely personal.
Cheema Day was amazing!!!

cheema day was a rousing success!!!
by cheetothedizzle July 6, 2009
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She’s a fucken hoe never date her. She’s ugly as fuck and is flat. Become transgender instead of dating her
Sehajpreet cheema is hoe
by Panchodd August 29, 2021
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