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Dancing like you've got no bones in your body, doing the most spectacular, awe-inspiring dance moves, moonwalking like you are floating on a cloud!

Guy 1: Hey, did you see that dude in the black sparkling

jacket Michael Jacksoning on the Motown 25

Show - that moonwalk was Beast! Michael Jackson,

to the side!

Guy 2: You dork! That dude WAS Michael Jackson!
The King of Pop was Michael Jacksoning the night away during his Bad concert at Madison Square Garden, lighting up the stage with the sheer brilliance of his dance moves!
by FancyNancy December 10, 2012

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an alternative name for any marijuana or cocaine paraphynalia
Me: Go get the cheema dude, I brought some killer nuggets.
You: I broke the cheema at Joey's party last week running from the cops, remember.
Me: Oh yeah, we've gotta find someone who brought a cheema.
by fancynancy December 08, 2005

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When a straight woman or man brings a gay or lesbian "date" with them to an event (as a plus one) or out on a fri or sat night.
"So, that guy Chuck you were having dinner with the other night was pretty cute - you guys an item?"

"No, no. He's gay, that was just a gate."
by Fancynancy March 19, 2008

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