A yiddish word for pig. Someone who wants more than what he needs and don't fly straight no more.
"See that fat bastard thats Nacho Contreas...El Gordo...He's a real CHAZZER!!!!!-Frank Lopez
by Big Seth November 4, 2003
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I was having a dekko in the chazzer with me mate
meaning: I was browsing the charity shop with my associate
by Magnolia Badminton May 10, 2019
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a townie girl. a teenage girl who wears her hair tied back so tight it neerly forces the eyes to jolt out of their sockets, usually becomes pregnant at the age of 13, drinks excessively and spawns more cloned chazzers and rude bois in run down council estates. fun!
me: stay away! that chazzer has herpes!
chazzer: oi! innit! yaz betta fawk awf or i'll fawkin scratch ya eyez out. i'll get me boyfriend on da lot of yaz!
by shroomy February 21, 2004
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A Charity Shop, most often one selling second hand clothes, especially in the UK.
I'm hitting the chazzers later to find a hat.
by scootbenet August 28, 2012
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Chazzers is the last smokable part of a spliff before the roach. Origins are uncertain, but there are stories of a skinny person called Chaz, after whom it was named.
- You want the chazzers, mate?
- Yeah, cheers

- Sorry there's only chazzers left
by Eldavidos April 8, 2006
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Originates from user's surname. Was also mixed with the name of one of his cars, Volkswagen Sharan.

ChaZZerS is extremely volatile and reacts highly to most people with a sense of humour. Floats around in octuplets of atoms.
The one in Lincoln, of the 1337 LAN KreW (1LK)
by ChaZZerS June 11, 2004
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a twat who cant talk to his girlfriend who he is 'madly in love with'. he likes to cheat on the love of his life. he has no friends. STAY AWAY FROM THE CHEESE. he sends the flag to mexico! he cant stand up straight because he stares at the ground when he feels awkward. he feels awkward for no reason, this is why he doesnt have a girlfriend.
by k+kd September 16, 2012
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