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A female species of the chav.
Usually has a fag in one hand and a pram in the other. Like the male version, it likes burberry(fake) and McDonalds(not inside, obviously).
A chavette will think itself as the most fasionable person around. The leader in a group of chavettes will probably be told this by her many followers. She may even have a nickname such as "Missy".
You can tell if someone is a chav a mile off. You will pribably be blinded by the bright orange glow of their hair or their fake gold jewellry from argos.
For an example of a chavette, head towards mcdonalds..
by xXDemiXx November 27, 2005

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System of a Down are a great band.People who say they shout and are crap are just too stupid to get it.
SOAD fan: Have you listened to system of a Down?
Random crowd follower:Is it rap?
SOAD fan:Er..no
Random crowd follower: I hate them.
SOAD:but you just said...
Random crowd follower:Watever homie, I'm off to listen to ma bangin choons.
by xXDemiXx November 27, 2005

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