Hey what's that guy doing? Don't mind him he is just pulling the pork
by Jesus juice 420 January 20, 2017
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a new term for masturbating. Or another term for a handjob.
Example A:

Jim: Dude, I still have no girlfriend.

Eric: So what have you been doin now?

Eric: You've been pulling your pork haven't you?

Jim: Yes, and I know it's pathetic.

Example B:

Mark: Dude I just got back from being back with my girlfriend

Tom: Did you get a bajowski or was she pulling your pork?

Mark: She started pulling my pork!
by big_schlong July 1, 2010
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Wanking until your dick turns a light pink colour.
Zaryod: what's Brad doing?
Dylan: last time I heard he said he was pulling the pork skin.
by Creamyshart October 14, 2018
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a state of having a hyperextended dick, normally caused after a night of rough sex with a human or animal.
Frank : "Man i got fuckin pulled pork after last nights gangster party"
by Max Dickin April 14, 2008
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Pulling Pork: (v.) to pull on a mans penis in a painful way, most commonly not done with your hand, possibly performed with string, pliers, or hedgeclippers.
John pissed Sally off so Sally attached a string to John's penis and a car and pulled his pork by driving away in the opposite direction.

Pulling Pork has become a popular sport at RIT.
by Clareeeee October 20, 2005
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